Excellencies Ramshaven Duties

When a call for Letters of Intent has been made for the role of Baron and Baroness, you may be wondering if your should put your name in? You may be wondering what the role entails. The Baron and Baroness are basically the figure heads of a Barony. They are to provide leadership to their populace and be a representative for the Crown. At each Coronation they swear fealty which pretty much sums up the expectations of the Crown.

I here swear fealty and homage to the Crown of the North
With oaths given and received, to be your vassal, and hold your land
To have your people prosper, and benefit the realm.
To lead in honour, and bestow honour as is due
As the Baron and Baroness of Ramshaven thus swear I …

As Excellencies you are expected to do the following:

  • Attend Coronation, Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S.
  • Swear fealty to Their Royal Majesties.
  • Submit award recommendations to the Crown for each reign.
  • Decide what Baronial awards to give out in Court.
  • You are members of the Ramshaven Financial Committee.
  • Attend Kingdom Baronial Meeting for each reign.
  • Work with the Seneschal to ensure your Barony stays in good standing with officer positions and reporting.
  • Hold Baronial Court. This also means writing it up and working with your Herald.
  • Attend Great Courts when they happen.
  • Select Baronial Champions.
  • Maintain a paid SCA membership.
  • Join any relevant FB/Yahoo lists and pay attention to what is going on.
  • Help resolve issues within the Barony.
  • Develop Baronial Policies.

Other duties that are often done:

  • Attend Kingdom Moots
  • Host Baronial Moots
  • Fabricate Guidon’s
  • Upgrade regalia.
  • Store Baronial regalia.
  • Attend as many events as possible.
  • Maintain the membership and awards lists. Keeping awards up to date isĀ very important.
  • Attend Pennsic.
  • Attend Pennsic Opening Ceremonies.
  • Encourage (and accompany) champions to participate in Baronial Champion tourneys at Pennsic.
  • Find officer replacements and encourage members to hold office.
  • Hold Officer meetings.
  • Maintain good relations with other Baronies.
  • Provide gifts for Autocrats/volunteers of Ramshaven Events.
  • Provide/coordinate gifts for Coronation and A&S competitions.
  • Attend A&S competitions and hand out favors.
  • Provide membership letters of acceptance for out of Barony folks who want to belong to Ramshaven.
  • Coordinate your own entourage when needed.
  • Negotiate land as the postal code mapping project creeps forward.
  • Pay particular attention to bids for Kingdom Events. Make sure there is a feast tasting.
  • Encourage members to run Baronial tournaments and competitions.

Other activities that you may consider doing:

  • Have a Baronial presence at events where people can feel welcome and gather.
  • Provide a sheltered common gathering area at camping events.
  • Host Bardic Circles.
  • Recognize primary authorizations.
  • Wear red!
  • Provide tabbards to armoured fighters and arm bands to rapier.

Questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of running:

  • Do we have a means of transportation?
  • Do we have sufficient income?
  • Will I be able to do this for 5 years?
  • Are we comfortable with public speaking or willing to overcome a fear of it?
  • Can I be diplomatic?
  • Do/can I consider several options before speaking on important matters?