Award System

Cordigan, the first Baron of Ramshaven, wanted a simple system of awards and so created the Guidons. Please visit the Awards page to see the Baronial Roll of Honor.

Guidon du Sang
The emblem of this award is a red guidon with the Baronial populace badge in the top and blank area where the recipient may add his or her personal arms in the bottom. It may be given for any contribution to SCA life within the Barony, be it Arts, Service, or Marshal, and is in many ways a recognition that the recipient stands as one of us.

Guidon d’Argent
The right to surround one’s Guidon with a silver bordure is granted for exemplary service or contribution to the well-being of the Barony.

Guildon d’Or
The right to surround one’s Guidon with a gold bordure is granted for outstanding leadership or long-term service to the Barony.

Jewel of Ramshaven
This is the rarest of Ramshaven’s awards and the barony’s highest honour, typically only bestowed once per a Baron & Baroness’s tenure. It is given for service above and beyond the call duty. The token is a pendant which matches the jewels set in the Baronial coronets.

Friend of Ramshaven, Favour of Ramshaven, Citizen of Ramshaven
These awards may be given at the discretion of the Baron and Baroness to those from outside our borders who have contributed significantly to the Barony.