Armored Combat

You use Real swords?!

Well no, not real metal swords, after all, being cleft in twain every week at practice would make it difficult to go to work the next day. We use rattan, the same stuff some furniture is made of! The first thing you’ll notice, if you come out to a fight practice, is that it’s a very relaxed atmosphere with lots of talking and people waving their arms in the air as they discuss the fighting. When first watching the fighting, you might think that there are no rules and we were just clobbering each other. In fact there are strict rules in place to keep the fighters and the spectators safe.

If anyone is interested seeing what it’s like to swing a sword all you have to do is come out to a fight practice and let any of us know that you’d like to try. We all love what we do and we are always happy to talk about and teach fighting. At first you will learn how to throw a sword blow properly. In other words, if it was a real sword and if you got hit like that, you’d be dead. It sounds easy but takes some practice. Then you will try the same sword blow while holding a shield. A shield changes everything! Next, we’d let you try on some of the Barony’s spare armor and you get to try your first fight.

Nobody will rush you or try to make you do more than you want to do, after all, we’d like you to enjoy this as much as we do, you’ll learn at your own pace. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, tall or short, everyone is welcome. We have men six feet tall fighting women who are much shorter than they are, and the women can hold their own! If being a Knight in Shining armor sounds like fun, why not come out and see us?